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This site documents the work of Daniel Jolliffe, a media and visual artist whose works are a synthesis of sculptural practice and electronic technologies. See below for brief descriptions, or click on the images above to navigate.

• Here's a short, only somewhat tongue-in-cheek text I wrote based on the electronic media art courses I've taught over the years: Common Errors in Conceptualizing Media Artworks.


One Free Minute is a mobile sculpture designed to allow for instances of anonymous public speech.

Ground Station, in collaboration with Quebecois composer Jocelyn Robert, makes music from GPS satellite data, while questioning the infrastructure from which this data comes.

Shift Shift is an interactive work that questions how technology changes the familiarity of a simple body movement. Viewers who interact with Shift become involved in a dialogue of control, seeing their own movements reproduced across the room.

Room for Walking looks at the conception of physical space that we are presented with by remote sensing technologies.

Untitled Ball was the first in a series of works investigating the interactive environment in a bodily, kinaesthetic way.

You can read Daniel's bio and CV here.


Daniel Jolliffe: One Free Minute

Ground Station: Daniel Jolliffe and Jocelyn Robert

Room for Walking: Daniel Jolliffe

Shift: Daniel Jolliffe

Untitled Ball: Daniel Jolliffe


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